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 Was your father or grand father a coal miner? Was he killed in the mines? Do you know how it happened or the date he died?  The memorial list the names and information on 514 Anthracite coal miners killed in the mines under Old Forge.


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Pa Northern Anthracite Coal Field Data by Frank Adams, Colorado Springs, Co. (a former Scranton Pa. lad)


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ANTHRACITE LABOR WARS    by Robert P. Wolensky & William A. Hastie Sr.  Barns & Nobel $24.95


Rails Between Dunmore and Jessup. The Delaware, Lackawanna & Western's Winton Branch.  

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USBM-509 Injury Experiences in Coal Mining 1948

USBM-525 Injury Experiences in Coal Mining 1949

USBM-559 Injury Experience in Coal Mining 1952

USBM-559 Injury Experiences in Coal Mining 1952

USBM-616  U.S. Major Coal Disasters 1846-1962

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The following Local and Coal Mining History, U.S. Bureau of Mines Bulletins, and PA. Mine Inspectors reports are Adobe Acrobat pdf files. Click on the underlined link to download it.



Local History, Books, Publications & Manuals:

Annals of Luzerne County 1860

Annals of Luzerne County 1866

Annual Report the Board of Directors Pa Institution for Deaf and Dumb 1872

Annual Report of the Chief Factory Inspector 1899

Annual Report of the Geological Survey 1886

Atlantic Reporter Vol 45 1900

Auditor General Report of Railroads, Canals, and Telegraph 1869

Bulletin of the Geological Society of America Vol 15 1852

Centennial Chronology of Luzerne County 1776-1876

Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal Vol. XV 1852

Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal Vol. 15  1852

Comminission to Locate the  Fronteer Forts of Western Pa 1916

Contributions to the History of the Lackawanna Valley 1857

Controversy Between Connecticut and Pennsylvania 1879

Digest of the Laws of Pennsylvania 1885

Early Grist Mills of Wyoming Valley 1896

Early History of the Wyoming Valley Vol. 2 1888

Early Settlement of Dallas Township  Luzerne Co 1847-1899

Economic History of Anthracite Tidewater Canals 1908

Electrical World  Vol 67  No 14  1916

Engineering Index Annual 1909

Engineering Mechanics 1896

Geology of the Susquehanna River Region 1883

Geology Survey of Pa. Volume 1 1858

Geology Survey of Pa. Volume 2 1858

Geology Survey of Pennsylvania 1878

Geology Survey of Pennsylvania 1883

Geographical Dictionary of the World 1856

Geological Survey 1886

Geological Survey of Pennsylvania Part 2 1886

Genealogical History of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania Vol 2 1906

Good Roads Vol 29 1899

Hazard's Register of Pennsylvania Vol 16 1835

Hazard's Register of Useful Information Pa 1835-1836

History of American Manufactures 1608-1860

History of Hanover Township 1885

History of Methodist Wyoming Conference

History of Scranton and Its People Vol. 1 1914

Historical Sketches of Plymouth, Luzerne Co. 1873

Historical Record of Wyoming Valley 1906 Vol 13-14

History of the Lackawanna Valley 1869

History of the Lackawanna Valley 1885

History of Luzerne County Pennsylvania 1893

History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, and Wyoming Counties in 1880

History of Schuylkill County Pennsylvania Vol 2 1907

History of Scranton and Its People Vol. 1 1914

History of the Towandas 1776-1886

History of Wilkes Barre Vol. 2 1909

History of Wyoming 1845

Historical Essays- Indians, Coal, Old Forge Pa. 1872

History of Northampton, Lehigh, Schuylkill, Monroe, Carbon Counties 1845

Insurance Year Book 1888

Journal of Josiah White 1897

Lackawanna County District and County Reports Vol 1 1922

Lackawanna Institute of History & Science Vol 1 1887

Luzerne County Legal Register1886

Manual of American Water Works 1897

Memorial of the Erection of Lackawanna County 1882

Nile's Weekly Register of Documents, Essays, and Facts 1834-1835

One Hundred Years of American History 1795-1895

Penal Code of Pennsylvania 1883

Pennsylvania Colonial and Federal a History 1608-1903

Pennsylvania Geology Final Report Volume 1 1981

Pennsylvania Geology Final Report Volume 2 1981

Pennsylvania Geology Final Report Volume 4 1981

Pennsylvania Internal Affairs 1877

Pennsylvania State Reports Vol 195 Court Cases 1900

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Adjudged Cases 1894

Pictorial Sketch-book of Pennsylvania 1853

Prominent Men of Scranton Area 1906

Reminiscences of Plymouth Luzerne Co 1914

Report of the Department of Forestry of Pennsylvania 1915

School Science and Mathematics for Secondary School Teachers 1911

Science and Industry Vol 5 1901

Scientific American Volume 15  No1  1866

Scranton Telephone Exchange 1901

Wyoming Methodist Conference 46th session 1897

Wyoming Valley Upper Waters of the Susquehanna and Lackawanna Coal Region 1875

****************************** Coal Mining History Books, Publications & Manuals

Adventures of a Coal Mine 1836

American Institute of Mining Engineers Issues 92-96 1914

American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy 1919

Anthracite an Instance of Natural Resource Monopoly 1883

Anthracite and Bituminous Coal a Letter From the Federal Trade Comm. 1917

Anthracite Coal Combination in the U.S. 1914

Anthracite Coal Communities 1904

Anthracite Coal Fields of Pennsylvania 1884

Anthracite Coal Industry 1859-1932

Anthracite Industry 1874

Anthracite Industry 1922

Anthracite Industry in England 1868

Anthracite Rates 1915

A Year in a Coal Mine 1911

Bulletin of the American Institute of Mining Engineers 1914

Carols from the Coal Fields and other Ballads 1886

Coal and the Coal Mines 1889

Coal and What We Get From It 1890

Coal Catechism 1898

Coal Iron and Oil The Practical American Miner 1866

Coal Iron and War 1920

Coal it's History and Uses 1878

Coal Fatalities 1870-1914

Coal Handling Machinery 1893 No. 9306

Coal Mine Descriptions 1876

Coal Mine Discharge as a Water Source 1999

Coal Men of America 1918

Coal Mining Kinks 1916

The Coal Mines 1876

Coal Mines 1910

Coal Mines Inspection  its History and Results 1879

Coal Mines Various Systems and Ventilation 1876

Coal Miners Handbook 1913

Coal Miners Pocket Book for Miners  Office and Field 1861

Coal Miners Pocketbook 1916

Coal Mines Practical Treatise of Working and Ventilation of 1851

Coal Mines Regulation  England 1887

Coal Mine Surveying 1883

Coal Mine Accidents and their Prevention 1912

Coal Mines Inspections- History and Results 1879

Coal Mining Described and Illustrated 1885

Coal Mining Glossary of Terms  England 1893

Coal Mining Manual for Managers and Engineers 1905

Coal Mining Principles of 1876

Coal Mining Text Book 1892

Coal Mining Text Book 1893

Coal Mining Text Book for Colliery Managers 1893

Coal Mining Text Book for Colliery Managers 1921

Coal Men of America 1918

Coal Properties Analysis Geology 1922

Coal Regions of Pennsylvania 1848

Coal Regions of America 1873

Coal Regions of America 1875

Coal Resources at the End of the 19th Century 1897

Collection of Occasional Surveys of Iron, Coal  and Oil 1874

Colliery Engineer Pocket Book 1891

Colliery Engineer Volume 25 1905

Colliery Engineer Volume 28 1908

Colliery Engineer Volume 31 1910

Colliery Engineer Volume 35 1910

Colliery Engineer Volume 34  Issue 4  1913

Colliery Engineer Volume 34  Issue 5  1913

Colliery Engineer Volume 31 1915

Colliery Engineer Volume 35 1914-1915

Colliery Engineer Volume 21 1917

Colliery Engineer Volume 32 1924

Colliery Engineer Volume 33 1924

Colliery Engineer Volume 34 1924

Colliery Engineer Mines and Minerals Vol 21 1901

Colliery Engineer Mines and Minerals Vol 22 1902

Colliery Engineer Mines and Minerals Vol 29  1909

Colliery Managers Handbook 1904

Colliery Management and Workings 1951

Commission to Investigate the Waist of Coal Mining 1893

Complete Collier- Art of Sinking- England 1708

Design of Mine Structures 1912

Dinosaur Tracks in the Roof of Coal Mines 1924

Engineering and Mining Journal Vol 25 1878

Engineering and Mining Journal Vol 28 1879

Engineering and Mining Journal Vol 29 1881

Engineering and Mining Journal Vol 31 1881

Engineering and Mining Journal Vol 39 1885

Engineering News Record 1888 Vol 20

Explosion Hazards from Methane Emissions 2008

Facing Death- Hero of the Vaaughan Pit- Tales of the Coal Mines 1900

First Report of Progress in the Anthracite Coal Region 1883

Formation of Coal Beds 1910

Fossil Floras in the Pottsville Formation Southern Coal Field 1900

Geology of Coal and Coal Mining 1908

Glossary of Terms Used in Coal Mining 1883

Goodman Mining Handbook for Coal and Metal Mine Operators and Managers 1919

Ground Water Flow Through Inadequate Plugged Coal Exploration Bore Holes 1996

Ground Water Resources 1975

Harrison Improved Mining Machine 1882

History and Description of Fossil Fuel, Collieries, Coal Trade 1835

History of the Bureau of Mines 1922

Huber Breaker Report 2000

Industrial Statistics  VOL 4 1875

Introduction of Roof Bolting in Coal Mines 1948

Introduction to Iron and Coal Mining in Pa. 1878

Institute of Mining Engineers Vol. 31 1901

Labor Troubles in the Anthracite Regions 1887-1888

Manual of Coal and its Topography 1856

Manual of Mineralogy 1868

Methods of Working Drifts  Slopes and Shafts 1907




MG282 PENNA Coal CO  Bunker Hill No1  Surveyor Ledger 1894-1904


Mining World Vol 32 1910

Mine Car Holding Ratchet Patent by Charles W Watkins 1922

Mine Foreman's Handbook 1910

Mine and Quarry Vol 1-5  1913

Mine Quarry and Metallurgical Records 1897

Miners Pocket Book of Principals, Rules, Formulas, Tables 1905

Modern Practice in Mining 1908

Modern Methods of Producing Coal 1902 Catalogue 48

New Ideas in Coal Mining 1917

Our Coal and Iron Industries England 1917

Pennsylvania Coal and Coal Mining Part 2 Anthracite 1960

Pocket Book for Miners- Office and Field 1861

Practical Coal Mining Manual for Managers, Engineers 1905

Practical Treatise of Working and Ventilation of Coal Mines 1851

Principles of Coal Mining 1876

Rates Rules and Regulations for Coal Transportation 1915

Reflections of an Anthracite Engineer 1931

Prospecting, Locating, and Valuing Mines 1900

QueCreek Flood  Untold Stories   2002

QueCreek MSHA Investigation Report 2003

Report of Industrial Statistics 1877

Report of Proceedings of the American Mining Congress 1909

Rudimentary Treatise on Coal and Coal Mining 1880

Rules for Recovering Coal Mines after Explosions and Fire 1910

Second Report of Progress in the Anthracite Coal Region 1885

Story of the Springhill Coal Mine Disaster- Nova Scotia February 21, 1891

Stratigraphic Succession of Fossil Floras in the Pottsville Formation 1900

Text-Book of Coal Mining 1892

Text-book of Coal Mining for Colliery Managers 1893

Text-book of Coal Mining for Colliery Managers 1921

The Assayer's Guide 1862

The Coal Mine Chapter 6 Moawequa Illinois 1932

The Coal Trade 1912

The Blind Brother- A Story of the Pa. Coal Mines 1887

The Coal Business on the Pennsylvania Railroad 1857

The Coal Question- Progress of a Nation 1865

The Financial Review 1898

The Four Hour Day in Coal- Discontent Among The Workers 1922

The Duty on Coal 1872

The Mines Handbook 1920

The Mining  Engineer 1901

The Molly Maguires 1877

The Story of a Piece of Coal 1896

The Story of American Coals 1904

Use of Anthracite in the Making of Iron 1841

Underground Haulage of Coal by Wire Ropes 1884

USGS  Bulletin 260 Contributions to Economic Geology 1904

USGS Bulletin 1823  Sampling of Coal Beds for Analysis

Use of Mine Water for Cooling Power Plants 2003

Water Resources Inventory Report 1913

Women Miners in the English Coal Pits 1842



Anthracite Historical Discovery Center

Abandoned Mine Research

Coal Region Commentary: The Language

Coal Region Commentary: Region and the Mines

Duryea Pa. History

Eckley Miners' Village                                                          

Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society

Frances Dorrance Chapter Society for Pa. Archaeology

Genealogical Research Society of Northeastern Pa.

Historical Cemetery Data of  NEPA

Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site

Lackawanna River Corridor Association

NEHGIS  North-East United States Historical Geographical Information System

PNACF Pennsylvania's Northern Anthracite Coal Field



Pennsylvania Anthracite District Mine Accidents Registers 1869-1972

By, Jerry Sherard, Lakewood, Colorado.

Click here for a direct link to Jerry's home page and additional searches.

      Jerry's Pennsylvania Anthracite mining accidents database records covers the years (1896, Sept. 6, Avondale only), 1869 Schuylkill County, 1870 through 1940 injured and fatal accidents, and 1941 through 1972 fatal accidents.  The sources of information were the "Annual Reports of the Inspectors of Coal Mines of Pennsylvania" through the year 1920, and the "Pennsylvania Department of Mines and Mineral Industries Mine Accidents Registers" 1899-1972.

Thank You Jerry, for the time and effort you put into this project.


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    Google, Colorado School of Mines, Universities of Arizona, California, Scranton, Wilkes, Lehigh, Michigan, Pittsburg, Virginia, Wisconsin, Montana, Toronto, and Oxford, Harvard, Stanford, Lafayette Colleges, Office Surface Mining, Weinberg Memorial Library, Pottsville Public Library, Albright Memorial Library, Steamtown Scranton,  T.R.A.I.L. Project, Pa. State Archives, NIOSH, New York Public Library, and all the other locations we have yet to discover.


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nlt Northern Light Technologies Improves Tour Guide Cap Lighting at the Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour, #190 Slope

     Rich Humber, North American Channel Manager, provided a Polaris 10 station charger and Polaris cap lamps for the operation at the coal mine tour. This donation came about from contacts made at the Bluefield Coal Mining Expo in Bluefield West Virginia by the mines hoist engineer Carl Orechovsky. We are extremely grateful to Mr. Humber and nlt for the upgrade to our lamps as the older Koehler lamps were in need of replacements.

     The Lackawanna County Coal Mine Tour is unique as to taking visitors down a 1,300 foot long slope to the Clark Vein of Anthracite Coal at a depth of 250 feet underground. The one hour walking tour covers almost one half mile through gangways, chambers, rock tunnels, and airlocks to show visitors how the miners worked to bring coal to the surface. The tour starts off in the Clark Vein and passes through the Dunmore No1 and Dunmore No 2 Veins of Coal. The #190 Slope was last worked by the Moffat Coal Co in 1968. 



Pennsylvania Department of Mines Inspector Reports:

1870    1871    1872    1873    1874    1875    1876    1877    1878    1879    1880    1881   

1882    1883    1884    1885    1886    1887    1888    1889    1890    1891    1892    1893

1894    1895    1896    1897    1898    1899    1900    1901    1902    1903    1904    1905   

1906    1907    1908    1909    1910    1911    1912    1913    1914    1915    1916    1917

1918    1919 & 1920   1921 & 1922    1923-1924    1925-1926    1927-1928    1929-1930    

1931    1932    1933    1934    1935    1936    1937    1938    1939     1940    1941   1942 

1943    1944    1945    1946    1947     1948    1949   1950    1951    1952    1953    1954   

1955    1956    1957    1958    1959    1960    1961    1962    1963    1964    1965    1966  

1967    1968   1969    1970



The years 1931 through 1945 were contained in one book, and had no other information.



U.S. Bureau of Mines Bulletins:

USBM-Wilkes Barre Office Report Knox Mine Disaster 1959.pdf

USBM-001 Volatile Mater of Coal

USBM-010 Use of Permissible Explosives 1912

USBM-015 Investigations of Explosives in the Coal Mines

USBM-017 A Primer on Explosives for Coal Miners 1911

USBM-018 Transmission of Heat in Steam Boilers

USBM-020 Explosibility of Coal Dust 1911

USBM-022 Analyses of Coals 1913

USBM-022v2 Analyses of Coal in the U.S. 1904-1940

USBM-023 Steaming Test of Coal

USBM-025  Mining Conditions under Scranton Pa. 1912

USBM-027 Test of Coal and Briquettes as Fuel for Home Heating Boilers 1911

USBM-029 Effect of Oxygen in Coal

USBM-034 Test of Run of Mine and Briquetted Coal in a Locomotive

USBM-035 Utilization of Fuel in Locomotive Practices 1911

USBM-036 Mine Foreman Training Courses 1920

USBM-038 Origin of Coal 1913

USBM-039 Smoke Problem at Boiler Plants

USBM-041 Government Coal Purchases 1909-1910

USBM-042 Sampling and Examination of Mine Gases 1913

USBM-044 First National Mine Safety Demonstration Pa. 1911

USBM-045 Sand Available for Filling Mine Workings Northern Anthracite Region

USBM-046 Explosion Proof Motors

USBM-048 Selection of Explosives Used in Mining 1913

USBM-051 Analysis of Black Powder and Dynamite 1913

USBM-052 Ignition of Mine Gases by Incandescent Lamps 1913

USBM-056 Coal Dust Explosion Test

USBM-057 Safety and efficiency in Mine Tunneling 1914

USBM-059 Investigations of Electric Detonators 1913

USBM-061 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining 1912-1913

USBM-062 National Mine Rescue and First Aid Conference Pa. 1912

USBM-066 Test of Permissible Explosives 1913

USBM-072 Occurrences of Explosive Gases in a Coal Mine 1915

USBM-076 United States Coals for Export Trade 1916

USBM-078 Approved Explosion-Proof Coal-Cutting Equipment 1920

USBM-082 International Conf of Mine Experiment Stations 1912

USBM-087 Houses for Mining Towns

USBM-090 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining 1913-1914

USBM-093 Miner Nystagmus  a form of Eyestrain 1916

USBM-094 US Mining Statutes Annotated

USBM-095 Glossary of Mining

USBM-096 Analysis of Permissible Explosives 1916

USBM-099 Mine Ventilation Stippings

USBM-101 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining 1914-1915

USBM-105 Black Damp in Mines 1916

USBM-113 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining 1915

USBM-116 Methods of Sampling Coal for Government Purchase 1916

USBM-119 Analyses of Coal Purchased by the Government 1905-1915

USBM-123 Analyses of Mine and Car Samples of Coal 1913-1916

USBM-126 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining January, 1916

USBM-131 Approved Electric Lamps for Miners 1917

USBM-135 Combustion of Coal and Design of Furnaces  1917

USBM-136 Deterioration in the Heating Value of Coal During Storage  1917

USBM-141 Yearbook of the Bureau of Mines 1916

USBM-143 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining August, 1916

USBM-152 Abstract of Current Decisions on Mining January, 1917

USBM-178A War Gas Investigations 1919

USBM-178B War Materials Nitrogen Fixation and Sodium Cyanide 1919

USBM-178C Petroleum Investigations and Production of Helium 1919

USBM-185 Mining Statutes Annotated

USBM-192 Carbon Black - - Its Manufacture  Properties and Uses 1922

USBM-193 Analyses of Mine And Car Samples of Coal 1916-1919

USBM-198 Regulation of Explosives in the U.S. 1921

USBM-217 Preparation Transportation and Combustion of Powered Coal 1923

USBM-229 Fifty-Nine Coal Mine Fires 1927

USBM-230 Analyses of Samples of Coal 1915-1922

USBM-240 Electric Shot Firing in Mines, Quarries, and Tunnels 1926

USBM-247 Dusting of Coal Mines to Prevent Explosions

USBM-558 Health and Safety Publications 1947-1955

USBM-268 Coal-Dust Explosion Test in the Mine 1919-1924

USBM-277 Safety in Coal Mining 1928

USBM-285 Coal Mine Ventilation Factors 1929

USBM-300 Coal washing Methods and Test 1929

USBM-303 Test of Roof Support Strength in PA. Anthracite Mines 1929

USBM-313 Permissible Storage - Battery Locomotives and Trucks 1929

USBM-326 Explosive Accidents in the Anthracite Mines of Pa. 1923-1927

USBM-331 Permissible Methane Detectors 1930

USBM-332 Permissible Electric Mine Lamps 1930

USBM-343 Permissible Coal Handling Equipment 1926-1930

USBM-346 Physical Testing of Explosives, Bruceton PA. 1931

USBM-354 The Ignition of Fire Damp by Explosives 1932

USBM-357 Shaft Sinking Practices and Cost 1932

USBM-365 Lab Testing of Inflammability of Coal Dust 1932

USBM-414 Coal Mining in Europe Compared to America

USBM-441 Investigations of Permissible Electric Mine Lamps 1930-1940

USBM-455 Behavior and Control of Anthracite Mine Fires

USBM-471 Analyses of Complex Mixtures of Gases for Fire Control

USBM-481 Safety in the Mining Industry 1950

USBM-491 Inundated Anthracite Reserves in the Eastern and  Middle Fields

USBM-494 Buried Valley of the Susquehanna River

USBM-508 Acid Mine Drainage Problems in the Anthracite Region of Pa

USBM-514 Code for Electrical Equipment in Coal Mines 1952

USBM-516 Analysis of Tipple and Delivered Samples of Coal 1948-1950

USBM-517 Barrier Pillar  Problems of the Lackawanna Basin Northern Field

USBM-518 Surface Water Seepage in the Anthracite Mines Northern Field

USBM-521 Barrier Pillars in the Western Middle Coal Field 1953

USBM-526 Barrier Pillars in the Southern Coal Field 1953

USBM-528 Mine Investigations of Coal and Coal Products 1945-1950

USBM-531 Mine Pumping Plants in the Anthracite Region

USBM-532 Surface Water Seepage Anthracite Mines Western Middle Field 1953

USBM-534 Surface Water Seepage in Anthracite Mines of the Wyoming Basin

USBM-535 Coal Mine Bumps 1954

USBM-536 Carbonizing Properties of American Coals 1954

USBM-538 Barrier Pillars in the Wyoming Basin

USBM-539 Surface Water Seepage Anthracite Southern Coal Field 1954

USBM-543 Approved Permissible Mine Equipment 1953

USBM-545 Flood Prevention in Anthracite Mines Project 1

USBM-546 Flood Prevention Anthracite Mines Middle and Southern Fields Project 2

USBM-547 Flood Prevention in Anthracite Mines Northern Field Project 3

USBM-551 Explosibility of Mine Fire Atmospheres 1955

USBM-557 Method for Detecting Carbon Monoxide 1955

USBM-567 Analyses of Ash from United States Coal 1956

USBM-587 Design of Underground Openings in Competent Rock 1960

USBM-558 Health and Safety Publications 1947-1955

USBM-560 Flood Prevention in the Anthracite Mines Project 4 & 5

USBM-562 Mine Flood Prevention & Control Final Report Conowingo Tunnel System

USBM-570 Recommended Practice for Drainage of Coal Mines 1957

USBM-641 Optical Properties of Coal and Graphite

USBM-644 Tunneling  Recommended Safety Rules 1968

USBM-648  X-Ray Studies of Coal and Carbonaceous Materials

USBM-641 Optical Properties of Coal and Graphite

USBM-661 Coal Composition, Plasticity and Coke Strength

USBM-684 Bureau of Mines Research on Recycling Scrapped Autos 1985

USBM-695 Research on Self-Contained Self-Rescuer Training 1993

USBM-Technical Paper 727 Anthracite Water Pools 1949

***************************** LOCAL EVENTS:





By Bob P. Wolensky and William A. Hastie Sr.

Available fro Barns & Nobel, and Anthracite Heritage Museum

Canal History & Technology Press, Easton Pa.



Berwick Historical Society                                                              Carbondale Historical Society                                                             Columbia County Historical Society                                                         Conrail Historical Society                                                                     Dunmore Historical Society                                                                   Frackville                                                                                                    Historical Society of Pa.                                                                 Lackawanna County                                                                              Luzerne County                                                                                  Mahanoy Area                                        Minersville                                                                                           Montour County                                                                                  Mountain Top Historical Society                                                       Nanticoke Historical Society                                                     Northumberland County                                                                         Pittston Historical Society                                                                   Schuylkill County                                                                                      Shenandoah Area                                                                                     Shickshinny Historical Society                                                               St Clair                                                                                         Susquehanna County                                                                            Taylor Historical Society                                                                         Wayne County Historical Society                                                              West Pittston Historical Society                                                         Wyoming County


***************************** RAILS TO TRAILS

DCNR Rails to Trails

Greater Hazleton Rails to Trails

Lackawanna Heritage Valley

Lackawanna River Corridor Association

Rails To Trails Conservancy

Rail Trail Council of Northeastern Pa.

Susquehanna Greenway Corridor

Susquehanna Warrior Trail

Pike Creek Rail Trail





Anthracite in the Manufacture of Iron 1841

Collection of Occasional Surveys of Iron, Coal  and Oil 1874

Coal Iron and Oil  The Practical American Miner 1866

Coal Iron and War 1920

Directory of Iron and Steel Works of the United States and Canada 1902

History of Iron Making and Coal Mining in Pa. 1878

History of the Manufacture of Iron 1892

Introduction to Iron and Coal Mining in Pennsylvania 1878

Iron Manufacturer Guide 1859

Journal of Iron and Steel Institute 1888

Iron Manufacturing of the American Colonies 1876

Our Coal and Iron Industries England 1917


 Railroad History:

Anthracite Railroads

D&H Anthracite Operations in 1920

DL&W First Annual Report for Year 1854

Erie Lackawanna Dining Car Preservation Society

Elements of Railroad Engineering Vol 1 1897

Elements of Railroad Engineering Vol 2 1897

Elements of Railroad Engineering Vol 4 1897

Elements of Railroad Engineering Vol 5 1897

History of Railroads and Canals in the U.S. 1860

Manual of Statistics Stock Exchange Handbook 1905

McGraw Electric Railway Manual 1914

McGraw Electric Railway Directory 1920

Modernizing a Trunk Line Lackawanna Railroad 1902

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Adjudged Cases 1894

PRR Timeline 1831

Railway Track and Track Work 1909

Railroad and Engineering Journal Vol LXIII 1889

Railroad Surveys from Coal Fields to Tidewater 1864

Rates Rules and Regulations for Coal Transportation 1915

Report of the Railroads to the Auditor General of Pa 1863

Route of Scenic Charm Case Study of the DL&W 1880

The Great Shohola Train Wreck 1864

The Official Railway Guide 1907

The Railway Builder 1879

Sullivan and Erie Coal and RR Co. of Pa. Mortgage Bonds 1868

Summer Excursion Routes DL&W 1893

Weekly Notes of Cases Supreme Court of Pa. Vol XL 1897



Local Places of History:

Archbald Pothole State Park

Archbald Coal Mining History 1845-1955

Harveys Lake History